Hotel Apostrophe***

Legend of hospitality:

Philemon and Baucis is the story of an old couple who gets a visit from two strangers one day. Despite their poverty, they receive the guests with open arms and they serve them a delicious meal. In the course of the story it becomes clear that something special is happening with the visitors, for example, the jug of wine does not empty.
To spoil their guests extra, Philemon and Baucis decide to slaughter their goose. Philemon runs after it, but the beast always runs away from him. When the goose sits on the lap of the upper god, the visitors introduce themselves as Zeus and Hermes. Out of gratitude for the hospitable welcome that the rest of the village has not offered, the gods take their host and hostess to the hill. Then the whole village, except for the hut of Philemon and Baucis, is flooded by a sin flood.
Zeus and Hermes ask whether Philemon and Baucis have a wish they can fulfill as thanks for their hospitality. Philemon and Baucis want nothing more than to worship the two gods for life. The little hut suddenly turns into a big temple.
Philemon and Baucis also wanted nothing more than to stay together, and if the hour struck that one of them would die, the other could go. So it happened that one day before the temple Philemon and Baucis turned into an Oak and a Linde. They stood there for many years, their tribes intertwined.

Pure enjoyment

Come and stay at the completely renovated 'cottage style' hotel Apostrophe, which combines an artistic atmosphere with all modern comforts and facilities. Located in the coastal town of De Haan, this hotel offers you a peaceful base in an environment of greenery and sea.